Monday, January 17, 2011

History online

1852 MAP of Marshall Township
1852 Map of Sangerfield Township
1852 MAP of Waterville
1874 MAP of Marshall Township
Aaron Stafford, Maj. Obituary
"An American Town" Sociological study, Williams 1907
"Back Home in Oneida" Herman Clarke's Civil War Letters 1966
Betrayal of Samson Occom, The, 1998
Brothertown Tribe, The - Will and Rudi Ottery, 1989
Campaigns of the One Hundred and Forty-Sixth Regiment, Genevie Brainard 1915
Candee Block; Fire and History 1982
CEMETERIES in Marshall and Sangerfield Townships (Cemeteries>township>cemetery)
Charles Terry, First in Seattle.
Churches - History of, by Norman Cowen
Civil War Monument
Days of Long Ago, A. O. Osborn, 1886
Forge Hollow Caves, 1937
Golf Club Opening 1901
Historic Triangle District. 1978
History of the Loomis Gang - N.Y. Sun - 1877.
History of Sangerfield, A. O. Osborn, 1886
Hop Industry, The - A. O. Osborn 1886.
Hop Extract Industry, The - M L. Peterson 1973
Kate Loftus Welch - T. Barnes 1996
Loomis Family, Norman Cowen's History of.
Loomis-Osborn Connection, The. PsBrown
Marshall Township, History of - Pomroy Jones, 1851
OBITUARY INDEX from the Waterville Times - R.F. Brown
Opera House History, Norman Cowen
Railroad Comes to Town, The - 1867
Reminscinces of Sangerfield - Abner Livermore 1851
Reuben Tower obituary 1899
Samson Occom and the Christian Indians of New England - Love, 1899
Sanger Lodge - Masonic Temple - 1950
Social Change in a Central NY Rural Community - Anderson - 1954
Tom Kindness, One of the Last of the Mohegans c.1905
Tower Family, The
Tower, Charlemagne I
Tower, Charlemagne Jr.
Town of Sangerfield, History of - Pomroy Jones 1851
Waterville in 1806, A. O. Osborn, 1876
William Cary Sanger, Col. Obituary
William Osborn(e)
Walking Tour of MAIN STREET 1971
Walking Tour of PUTNAM STREET 1971

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